KPI-JCI Mobile Screens

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens engineer the toughest, most versatile, most efficient screens available.

High-frequency screens

Astec Mobile Screens’ high-frequency screens are engineered to provide higher production capacities and more efficient sizing compared to conventional screens. High-frequency screens feature aggressive vibration applied directly to the screen that allows for the highest capacity in the market for removal of fine material, as well as chip sizing, dry-manufactured sand and more.


  • Large-capacity hoppers make big jobs easy to handle.
  • Hydraulic screen angle adjustment reduces downtime by making adjustments quick and easy.
  • Easy-to-reach engine controls and grease points allow routine service to be conducted efficiently.


Multi-frequency screens

High frequency for sorting small diameter material and high amplitude for screening larger aggregate, the Multi-Frequency Screen can handle any job you throw at it - without sacrificing an ounce of performance or a penny of profit.

With the combination of both conventional and high-frequency screen movements integrated, the screen is able to maintain the higher production rates of a PEP screen, at a lower angle, while handling higher moisture content materials.  Coarser material requires more amplitude and less frequency, while finer material requires less amplitude and more frequency.

When these two theories are combined, it provides a versatile screen that is easy to apply in a variety of applications. By working at a lower operating angle, the overall height of the machine is less—making the machine safer to work on and operate.  With high-frequency and high-amplitude vibration, there’s no job this screen can’t handle.


  • Better performance than a conventional incline
  • Lower Operating angle than a High-Frequency Screen
  • Rotary Tension design allows quick screen cloth changes
  • Screen cloth won't blind
  • Versatile for almost any application
  • High-frequency and high-amplitude
  • Superior performance