KPI-JCI SuperStackers

The KPI-JCI SuperStacker™ is designed to help customers meet increasingly demanding material specifications. Available in various sizes, the SuperStacker gives producers the ability to stockpile “in-spec” aggregate in larger piles with smaller footprints using fully automated PLC technology.

  • Portable Radial Stackers
  • Extendable SuperStackers™
  • Transfer Conveyors
  • Feed Systems
  • Complete Systems

Capable of creating custom-shaped, partially or fully desegregated stockpiles to fit maximum material in minimum space, the SuperStacker™ certainly lives up to its name. The standard Cam-Arm linkage maintains a constant radius from the pivot plate to the axle ensuring a true radial movement and uninterrupted stockpiling. Enhance your SuperStacker’s™ performance with the optional Wizard Touch Automated Control System. Offering preprogrammed performance to meet any job’s daily demand.

Superstacker Series 33

The Series 33 consists of a “stinger” conveyor mounted inside an outer conveyor. The stinger conveyor moves linearly along the length of the outer conveyor, varying the location of the discharge pulley.

The height of the discharge pulley is variable, as well as the radial position of the conveyor. The three axis variation is essential in making the layered pile that overcomes segregation.

Features & Benefits

  • Built in counterweights at the tail end of the main conveyor.
  • Standard Gull Wing Axle allows for quick set-up and transport, eliminating the time, expense and manpower associated with manual configurations.
  • Hydraulic planetary power travel is provided on the radial travel wheels, eliminating the disassembly of chain drives.
  • Cam Arm Undercarriage is standard on all KPI-JCI Superstacker models. This maintains a constant wheel radius when raising / lowering the conveyor without having to skid the tires or interrupt stockpiling. A smaller width runway is required due to constant travel radius.

Transfer Conveyors

We offer transfer conveyors ideal for all types of operations. For semi-mobile or in-pit portability, KPI-JCI Transflite™ Transfer Conveyors are the ideal solutions and available in skid mount or dolly axle configurations. Channel or lattice frame overland conveyors are available to cover longer distances, eliminating the need for haul trucks.

Our stackable conveyors can pack up to 480 feet of conveying power in a single truckload, perfect for portable operations always on the move. For additional on-site portability, 3-pack conveyors are configured to be towed away in loads containing up to three, 70-foot long, wheel-mounted conveyors.

Feed Systems

Maximize the effectiveness of your entire operation with the seamless compatibility of material feed products. Our entire line of feed solutions has been designed using several decades of experience in building aggregate processing and recycling equipment. Couple this experience with versatile and innovative engineering capabilities and you receive the flawless compatibility only KPI-JCI Feeding Equipment can deliver — enabling you to run at peak performance and keep material moving at the rate your operation requires.


Providing material to and taking material away from your processing equipment at a productive rate is vital to your profitability. We offer a streamlined design of highly productive material handling systems. Load and unload railcars, trucks or ships and move massive loads of material throughout your operation in no time. From tripper systems to loading or unloading, we have the right design, components, installation and support for your application.