About CEI Enterprises

For over 40 years, CEI Enterprises has proven itself as a leader in the asphalt industry via its manufacturing of superior production equipment. CEI produces industry-leading asphalt-rubber blending systems, emulsion and polymer blending systems, asphalt plants, and hot oil systems for the heating and storage of liquid asphalt.

Currently, CEI's main products include Nomad™ and RAP King™ asphalt plants, continuous-process asphalt-rubber blending systems, jacketed firebox hot oil heaters, heated asphalt tanks, fuel storage tanks, pre- heaters, additive systems, and emission-control equipment.

With developing countries focusing a great deal on the design and implementation of their infrastructure CEI is gearing up its international efforts for these regions to promote the highly portable Nomad™ asphalt plants.

In 2010 CEI developed its first ever fully automated emulsion blending plant capable of producing anionic and cationic emulsions at a production rate of up to 80 tons per hour. This enables the contractors to keep up with the ever changing modified asphalt markets and keeps them on the cutting edge of technology. We feel that the modified asphalt market will continue to grow making this a long term viable product for CEI.

CEI has continued an increase in heater sales within those markets outside of the hot mix asphalt industry. These markets include: industrial processing and bulk liquid storage facilities that require considerably larger heaters than asphalt plants.