BX & BXR Hydraulic Breakers

Recoil Energy Capture System

The effective oil regeneration system on the BXR Series captures hydraulic oil used in the downward stroke of the piston and uses this oil to assist in lifting the piston for the next blow. This design boosts blow speed without the need for additional flow, resulting in higher production rates.

Long / Short Stroke Selection

Operator controlled long or short stroke selection on the BXR Series instantly shifts between high blow energy
(low speed, long stroke) to low blow energy (high speed, short stroke) with the flip of a switch. This maximizes production rates in varying material conditions.

Manual Speed Selection

The BX8 to BX40 breakers are equipped with a manual high or low speed select located on the breaker. Switching to high speed allows for improved production rates in softer material such as concrete.

Anti-Blank Fire

An anti-blank fire on/off selector on the BX8-BX40, and an interlock on the BXR Series prevents the blank fire of the tool,
thereby reducing shock loading to the retaining pins and front head.

Underwater Operation Port

A remote air port at the top of BX10 and larger breakers allows for underwater operation with the addition of a compressed air supply.

Remote Greasing

A remote located greasing port on the BX10 and larger is situated near the top of the breaker close to the main
hydraulic circuit providing a convenient interface to carriermounted remote greasing systems, the use of which
contributes to breaker longevity.

Exceptional Silence and Structural Integrity

Boxed section housings provide excellent strength, while remaining lightweight. The suspended boxed housing
design reduces vibration to the carrier without metal-to-metal contact.

Narrow Front Head

The narrow box-housing design is well suited to tight trenching conditions. The narrow profile allows optimum
visibility and access when working in tight quarters.