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BTI’s BXR Series Breakers offer outstanding power to weight ratio, and exceptional efficiency with the oil regeneration system. Overall system designed for harsh, continuous duty for use in demanding rock breaking applications.

  • Two speed hydraulic pilot power control; controls blow energy in varying material conditions.
  • Oil regeneration system; increases bpm's without decreasing energy in harder material applications.
  • High volume nitrogen charged accumulator; provides constant blow energy and recoil absorption.
  • Extra-long stroke pressure balanced piston in conjunction with oil regeneration system; optimizes impact energy and bpm's.
  • Button nose piston design; maximizes energy transfer to the tool.
  • Anti-blank fire interlock; protects front head and retainer pins.

The design of the BX Series of Hydraulic Breakers produces stable high-speed percussion, and exceptional value and durability for all construction, demolition, and rock breaking requirements.

  • Breaker mounted manual high / low stroke selector (BX8-BX40); improves production capability.
  • Long stroke piston design; provides high levels of constant blow energy.
  • Anti-blank fire on / off selector (BX8-BX40); alternate modes when operating in varying rock conditions.
  • Optimal sound dampening (BX6-BX40) further lowers noise levels, pertinent in high density population areas.

When considering what size of pedestal rock breaker system you need for yours or your customer’s unique crushing application consider the following.   Its not only the equipment you select but the level of support available to you that makes a significant difference.

Breaker Technology, Inc. (BTI) provides the most comprehensive packages in the industry and are the perennial market share leader.   BTI has been in the business of servicing the harsh and demanding mining and quarrying industries since 1958.  We learned early on that being a supply partner requires more than just top quality equipment. We learned that it is about relationships.  We listened and the result was a game plan that you can easily follow to achieve success.

This starts with properly sizing and selection of the right system to best suit your needs.  BTI provides site specific assessment, coverage and site proposal drawings so you are assured of achieving the correct system to fit your application.  BTI provides an expanded area of coverage compared to our previous designs and those currently offered by the competition.  Our support continues with installation guidelines and detailed engineering made simple so there is no guess work regarding how to anchor and support your system.  BTI provides thorough, on-site start-up and commissioning service and operator and maintenance training.  We also have several warehouse locations and regional distribution so you are assured to have the support you need to sustain your equipment and operation efficiency