SA's first KPI Superstacker telescoping conveyor

KPI "SuperStacker" road-portable telescoping conveyor

The first ever KPI "SuperStacker" road-portable telescoping conveyor has been sold in South Africa, by Johannesburg-based Osborn.

Marketing director Martin Botha elaborates: "Through our United States-based sister company KPI (also part of the Astec Industries Group), Osborn is now also offering the SuperStacker range of road-portable telescoping conveyors, and has, to date, sold one of the largest units in the range - a KPI Series 33 36" x 150' (914mm x 46m)  - to South African mining group Exxaro. This SuperStacker will be employed at Exxaro's Leeuwpan mine.

The unit is part of an expansion at the mine and will be operating at the stockpiling area of the plant. Osborn, in conjunction with KPI, is responsible for the commissioning of the machine, as well as honouring the warranty and providing after-sales service or repair back-up after the warranty period." Exxaro is currently the fourth largest South African coal producer.

"We are very excited about this new addition to our product offering, and believe the SuperStacker range has great potential in the African market," Botha continues

"We look forward to supplying more of these outstanding units to Exxaro at other mines and future expansions at Leeuwpan. We also believe the SuperStacker has enormous potential not only in mining stockpiling applications, but also in the quarrying industry."

Osborn imported the complete SuperStacker from KPI in the United States for Exxaro. However, some modifications were undertaken at Osborn's Elandsfontein manufacturing facility before its handover to the customer. The electrics on this unit were modified to suit the South African mine's requirements and electrical standards, Botha explains. The end user also requested a specific brand for all electric motors, and Osborn undertook the necessary changes. A few other modifications were also undertaken by to ensure that the unit complies with Exxaro's safety standards, including additional safety guards and trip wires.

Shipping the massive SuperStacker from the United States provided Osborn with its fair share of challenges. The machine was manufactured by KPI  in Yankton in the USA. From there it was transported by road to Houston Port and shipped to Durban via Richards Bay. The total weight of the machine is 30,8 tons. Logistical challenges included fitting this machine on a low bed and obtaining permits and road clearances en route to Johannesburg, Botha notes.

He says that the customer opted for the KPI SuperStacker because it is the unit best suited for their needs and application in grading different stockpiles, which are sold to power stations.

The SuperStacker conveyor is a mobile conveyor that can slew, extend, retract and lift up and down. All of its operations are programmable via a touch screen PLC control system. The machine can be programmed to perform certain duties and then be left to complete these tasks with stockpiles it has been programmed to create. There are various sizes and models in the SuperStacker range. The unit sold to Exarro by Osborn (the Series 33 36" x 150') is one of the largest. It features a main conveyor 24m long, with an extendable conveyor that is 22m long. This unit can lift to a height of 15m at total extension of the boom.

Botha notes that the SuperStacker road-portable telescoping conveyor is already generating significant interest in the local market. "This is one of the quickest and easiest units to pack up and move to the next project. With the range's largest unit boasting a capacity in excess of 1300 MTPH, depending on the bulk density of the material, it helps save time and money

"Time is money in this business, and the SuperStacker's high tonnage rates help save time on the job," he states.

An innovative design means the SuperStacker can easily be packed up and transported. The Wizard® Touch Automated Control System helps keep stockpiling operations efficient and producing high quality products. Because of the layered stockpiles, the SuperStacker is the most effective solution for preventing stockpile segregation.

Additional performance features of the SuperStacker include desegregated stockpiling for no re-blending and less discounting, and automatic discharge height adjustment to help lower degradation. A heavy-duty undercarriage means the SuperStacker can take on highway travel without worrying about damage to the equipment.

"The SuperStacker is an exceptional addition to Osborn’s line-up of robust, high quality machines, which includes apron feeders, screens and an expansive range of crushers for the mining and quarrying industries," Botha concludes.