You can't keep a good machine down!

Osborn Rotary Breaker

It may seem unlikely that fashion and mining would have anything in common. But recent sales by Johannesburg-based Osborn suggest that in mining, as in fashion, it's possible for a popular, hard-working classic to make a comeback.

According to Osborn marketing director Martin Botha, the robust machine that's proving to be the mini-skirt of mining - a machine that can't be kept down because it's the best machine for the job - is the rotary breaker. "This product is coming back into favour in the coal industry, because customers are once again recognising its value, and the fact that its simplicity makes it, quite simply, the machine of choice for this application." Bulk materials handling and minerals processing specialist Osborn has seen rotary breaker orders increasing in the last year, with a number of machines sold in the past 12 months, he states.

"The rotary breaker has proved to be the most efficient machine for use in 'dirty' coal mining environments," Botha stresses, explaining that "dirty" refers to coal mining where there is a lot of rock in the run-of-mine material.

"The rotary breaker has the dual function of reducing the feed size, while, at the same time, removing some of the rock from the coal stream," he states. "This is very important, as the rock reduces the calorific value of the coal."

Explaining the operating process of Osborn's rotary breaker, Botha says that coal is continuously fed into the breaker feed chute and is repeatedly raised by lifters and dropped until it is broken to size and falls through the grids or screen plates. Large harder pieces, mainly rocks, are discharged through the outlet end by a scoop assembly. The company supplies two types of rotary breakers: the Osborn unit with chain drive or the Hadfields unit driven by conventional girth gear and pinion, as used on grinding mills.

"Whichever model a customer chooses, however, they can be assured that all Osborn rotary breakers are robustly constructed for 24-hour operation," he stresses. "The breakers are supported on four steel rollers with alloy steel tyres, which ensure maximum life and trouble-free operation. Screen plates can be cast with circular holes or the 'Hadfields' patented fabricated type, manufactured from a variety of abrasion resistant materials. These fabricated plates give maximum open area, high impact and coal breaking efficiency."

The Osborn Rotary Breaker's drive unit is manufactured in three different diameters, with approximate throughputs ranging from 500 to 1 600 tph. Dust housings are supplied with all units.

The rotary breaker is part of Osborn’s line-up of tough, high quality machines, which includes apron feeders, screens and an expansive range of crushers for the mining and quarrying industries