Shining Diamond producer opts for Osborn Crushers

A R6-million order awarded to Osborn for new crushers, including a modular jaw crusher plant, reflects the continued success of Botswana’s Karowe diamond mine, where a number of exceptional diamond recoveries have made headlines, as well as the outstanding quality and reputation of Osborn machines.

Karowe is the flagship of Lucara Diamond Corporation, which reported the recovery this month (August) of “a spectacular Type IIa 336 carat diamond”, as well as a further three exceptional diamonds: a 184 carat stone, a 94 carat and a 86 carat stone. A 12 carat pale pink diamond was also recovered. The new Osborn machines form part of an expansion project at Karowe, reports East Africa Area Manager Chris Slade.

The coal industry prefers Osborn’s hardworking, long wearing machines

Despite tough times in the coal sector, Johannesburg-based equipment manufacturer Osborn reports continued demand for its robust coal handling equipment - from the local industry and as far afield as Turkey and China. The company has also launched a new service offering to ensure that coal industry customers can be assured of getting the ideal rotary breaker to meet their requirements.

New “drop test” benefits rotary breaker customers

A new service offering called a “Drop Test” has recently been launched by Osborn to ensure that rotary breaker customers get the ideal machine for their requirements. Product specialist Etienne Swanepoel explains that this test is used to accurately size the rotary breaker needed for customers’ specific applications, based on coal hardness.

He outlines what the test entails.

“Sample lumps of coal and stone approximately 300mm in size are elevated and dropped from a predetermined height onto a rotary breaker screen plate. Broken material is then screened and each fraction is weighed.  Material bigger than the product size is dropped again, and the screened undersize is discarded.